Union County Historical Society

Blairsville, Georgia
Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Union County Archives sponsored by the Union County Historical Society.

John Payne Cabin, Blairsville
The John Payne Cabin

Built in 1860 the John Payne cabin is part of the Union County Historical Society Annex. Other displays in the museum represent Union County from its founding in 1832 to today. Items from churches, homesteads, schools and doctor's offices are exhibited as well as military memorabilia.

The Union County Historical Society was established February 11, 1976 as a non-profit organization open to all persons interested in the history and heritage of Union County. The founders listed as goals for the organization:

Restore the old Union County courthouse;
Establish a museum of county history;
Publish a history of the county;
Promote interest in local history in the schools;
Hold meetings of interest.

In 1985 the old courthouse was rededicated with most of the ground floor restored. In the fall of 1988 the Historical Society Museum opened and continues to be open during the summer and fall.

On November 15, 1997, a celebration was held for the completion of the restoration. The jury room, courtroom, judges chambers, east and west stairways, exterior trim and doors, and scroll over the main entrance have been redone. The work was completed in about a year and quality of the work is outstanding.

Maurice and Ann Farabee were recognized at the celebration for their work on the project by State Representative Ralph Twiggs, who read a proclaimation of the Georgia House.

Cemetery Records of Union County, Georgia, published in 1990, lists all marked graves in cemeteries in Union County and Heritage of Union County, Georgia, 1832-1994, was published in 1994. Either of these books may be ordered directly from the Union County Historical Society at the address below.

Membership in the Society is $15.00 per person/$25.00 per family. Sustaining and corporate memberships are also available. All memberships are appreciated and are needed for the operation of the Society.

Each year the Union County Historical Society offers a calendar that features pictures of the people and places in Union County and the surrounding area. The calendar is printed on high quality acid free paper and may be purchased for $5.00. All proceeds from the sale of the calendar go to the support of the museum (Union County Courthouse Museum).

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Union County Historical Society
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Blairsville, GA. 30514-0035
Phone (706)745-5493

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