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From Hernando deSoto to Martin Luther King, the rich history of the state of Georgia has had a profound affect on the history of our nation.


Things to do and places to go across North Georgia


Looking for excitement? Nobody covers North Georgia Adventures like we do.

Georgia Index

Want to know the State Song? How about the state flower or bird? Events? This is the place.

Native American Index
Native Americans shaped the history of early North Georgia. And the tragedy.

Famous People

The people that affected the life of North Georgia. From the sadness of John Ross to the devastation of William T. Sherman to the dedication and self-sacrifice of Martha Berry and Arthur Woody.

State Parks

From the mountain's majesty to the state's history, the parks of North Georgia hold many sites to behold.

Interesting Places

There is always something to do, right up the road, just around the corner.


A good way to visit our web site is to select a county. We compile all the trails, interesting places and state parks, add some history and give you links.


Don't know the counties real well? Try a city!


One of the best ways to see our home is to spend a few hours on one of our many trails. Use the trail database to select the trail that matches you desires.

Roadside Georgia links

Can't find what your looking for here? North Georgia's most extensive collection of links is just a click away, courtesy of Roadside Georgia
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