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Publisher's notes
by Randy Golden
exclusively for About North Georgia

About North Georgia Publisher Randy Golden sits down and shares a few words about Liberty, Justice or the American Web!

Historic Preservation -- Georgia's wins and losses
The comsumption of the Felton house by fire has added another historical loss to our growing list. Is there a way to make preservation a priority that benefits everyone?
Truth or guess -- Fact and myth on the Web
Those little historical facts you find on the web might not be historic after all.
Napster, Metallica, Copyright violations and Privacy
Napster is a copyright issue -- Metallica made it a privacy issue.
What goes up eventually pops
Wonder what's going on with the stock market, oil prices, technology stocks? Well consider it a wake up call.
Once there was land known as north Georgia
Urban Atlanta begins to encroach on north Georgia, and About North Georgia's publisher Randy Golden had to learn it the hard way.
What goes up eventually pops II
The failure of the dot coms is not a failure of technology, its a failure of the technologists
The Dry Spell is over -- for now
North Georgia's short-term drought has ended for the time being, and our publisher is glad about that.
The day the earth shook
Events of September 11, 2001 are frequently compared to Pearl Harbor. Are they really similar.
Kids and the Internet
Surfing the web, government-sytle
Spam is more than a food
Everybody hates spam. Publisher Randy Golden tells us what we can do about it.
Cynthia McKinney -- not again!
Ms. McKinney has been at it again, opening her big mouth.
Helen, Georgia has been in the news
A Marietta woman's seeing-eye dog got her turned away at Helen's Ramada Inn, and our publisher isn't happy about it.
Plagiarism doesn't pay, it costs
A few stories about the cost of plagiarism and copyright infringement
Traffic in Atlanta is a nightmare
STuck in traffic at rush hour? The outer perimeter may be history, but there still may be hope.
Microsoft is everywhare, even in my evening news
Microsoft as a news source? Not so long as I have choices
Chuck Clay and Tom Price have one on Bob Lamutt
One of the major issues facing next years elected officials will be spam. Don't vote for somebody who does it.
Pollution of the Chattahoochee River
After a heavy rain the smell of the Chattahoochee at Johnson Ferry is disgusting. Whats worse, you can get very sick coming into contact with the water.
Eminent Domain! Eminent Domain!
The Takings Clause of the Constitution is being badly abused, especially in Fulton and Henry Counties. Here's common sense advice on what you can do
Fulton County and Sandy Springs
Race and ethics in Fulton County
Georgia and the photo ID controversy
Recent changes in the Georgia voting law have Democrats up in arms. Are they just looking for an issue?
About North Georgia
Our town has changed from a front porch community to a back deck world. Its not that bad after all.

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