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Well, since your here you must be having a problem. So let's go through some common ones first.

I am at ... and want to go to ... How?

We have an "index of indexes" to make it easier to get around, but the easiest way of finding exactly what your looking for is with the search at the bottom of (almost) every page.

I would like permission to link to your site.

We love links! To add a link to our front page just add this code to any HTML page and the link should appear:
<a href="http://ngeorgia.com/">About North Georgia</a>

If you want to add a link to a specific page and would like us to give you the html snippet, navigate to the page and at the bottom is a button labeled "HTML for link," which will guide you through the process of adding a link.

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Yes, we do make mistakes. We are always happy to discuss them. If you find some information that is errant, please take a minute to let us know via e-mail. Please be sure to include a source to verify factual errors.

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If we don't have any information about a subject near and dear to your heart, maybe you could write something and submit it. If we don't cover a subject deeply enough, remember the forum before you write. Our goal is covering travel, history and adventure in the mountains of North Georgia, and not to reprint a book. If you still dont't think we cover a subject deeply enough, e-mail us and make your case.

I would like to use the photo you have in a paper I am writing

So long as the paper is for personal use, go ahead. You may also quote the site under these terms. Randall L. Golden wrote all articles except as noted on specific pages, and here's a good place for details on siting electronic material

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