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Our Favorite North Georgia Christmas Gifts
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Holiday Gifts

One of the most frequent questions we are asked during the Christmas season is "What's a good gift for a friend who lives in or loves North Georgia?" We put together this page to answer that specific question.


Our own personal favorite has got to be a gift of North Georgia Pottery, and two of the best potters in a state famous for its pottery coexist within miles of each other on the winding backroad known as Scenic 197. Hickory Flat Pottery and Mark of the Potter feature the work of local artisans in their shops. Cindy Angliss owns Hickory Flat Pottery, and is a prolific maker of functional pottery. Her mugs are particularly prized among the fans of the shop.

Jay Bucek has owned Mark of the Potter for almost 30 years and once turned pots himself in the vintage mill on the Soque River just a few miles south of Hickory Flat Pottery. Now he oversees the operation that has produced some of Georgia's most beloved pottery for 40 years in 2009. Now Jay's artists "turn" out unique crafts that are supplemented by the work of regional artists.

James Cooper (Cooper Pottery , 8794 E. Cherokee Dr. Canton Ga. 30115, (770-479-1536) studied pottery under one of the most famous Georgia folk artists, Bill Gordy. While much of his work is functional, he retains a significant amount or Gordy's influence using a wide selection of glazes on face jugs, wedding jugs, and vases in all shapes and sizes.


Winton Porter may be one Georgia's newest writers, but his work, Just Passin' Thru: A Vintage Store, the Appalachian Trail, and a Cast of Unforgettable Characters, compares to the style of Garrison Keillor, best known for writing Lake Wobegon Days. The book tells the story of the people he has come to know through his store, Mountain Crossings, at Neel's (Frogtown) Gap. It is a excellent journey with some of the more unique characters in the north Georgia Mountains.

Waterfalls of North Georgia
Randy and Pam Golden's 60 Hikes within 60 miles of Atlanta covers a lot of our favorite hikes in North and Central Georgia. It is an excellent look into nearby hikes, and not simply because he paid me to say it (he publishes this web site). The second printing of the second edition means that many other people are giving the gift of hiking this year.

Finally, Jack Anthony's Waterfalls of North Georgia takes readers across the mountains, deep into nooks and crannies you may not have known existed. From the Northwest to the Northeast and every waterfall in between, Jack (listed as "John" on the cover of the book), has hiked to all the falls, even if you can't (some are on private property). An About North Georgia tip: Order the book directly from Jack Waterfalls of North Georgia and he will add a personalized inscription.

Milled Products

Sylvan Mills is a mill converted to a bed and breakfast with a waterfall still used to power the mill. Innkeepers Mike and Linda Johnson also act as millers in this Rabun County business. Mike and Linda specialize in grinding heritage grains, so that they ensure that the flour they produce is as close as possible to flour of our past.

Nora Mills is probably the most famous mill on our list because it was used as a movie set in the 1951 movie I'd Climb the Highest Mountain starring Susan Hayward and William Lundigan. The mill features the first dam on the Chattahoochee River and some of the best flour this side of Helen.

Logan Turnpike Mill products
We were first introduced to Logan Turnpike Mills at the Yellow Daisy Festival where they set up a portable mill and serve freshly-milled treats near the entrance. Located on US 129/19 south of Blairsville, the name is derived from the name of the old road through Testnatee Gap.

Other home-made Georgia Products

Giving a gift that is made in North Georgia simply makes good sense. It keeps small businesses growing and it tells folks that you are proud of where you live.

Christmas in North Georgia
Christmas in North Georgia

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