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Names from The Great Locomotive Chase
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The Commanders

Danville Leadbetter - Confederate commander of Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1862, Leadbetter (sometimes misspelled as Ledbetter) was a West Point graduate who hailed from Leeds, Maine. He had been assigned to quash a pro-Union rebellion in southeast Tennessee. He gained renown in the North when he ordered the members of the rebellion to be left hanging for four days after their execution.

Don Carlos Buell - The Union commander whom the stationary George McClellan accused of being "slow." Buell was so slow that another Union general took Nashville while Buell waited on the far side of the Tennessee River.

Ormsby MacKnight Mitchel - Graduated from West Point in 1829 along with Lee and Johnston. He was a leading astronomer of his day, so popular that poet Walt Whitman immortalized him in verse. In 1862 Mitchel advanced from Nashville to Stevenson, AL and approved the Andrews Raid to steal The General.

Andrews' Raiders

  1. James J. Andrews, Kentucky, Leader of the Expedition. Hung
  2. William. Knight, Co. E, 21st Ohio Volunteers. Escaped
  3. Wilson H. Brown, Co. F, 21st Ohio. Escaped
  4. Mark Wood, Co. C, 21st Ohio. Escaped
  5. Alfred Wilson, Co. C, 21st Ohio. Escaped
  6. John R. Porter, Co. G, 21st Ohio. Escaped
  7. Robert Buffum, Co. H, 21st Ohio. Exchanged
  8. William Bensinger, Co. G, 21st Ohio. Exchanged
  9. John Scott, Co. F, 21st Ohio. Hung
  10. Sargent E. A. Mason Co. K, 21st Ohio. Exchanged
  11. Daniel A. Dorsey, Co. H, 33d Ohio. Escaped
  12. Martin J. Hawkins, Co. A, 33d Ohio. Escaped
  13. John Whollan (Wollam), Co. C, 33d Ohio. Escaped
  14. Jacob Parrot, Co. K, 33d Ohio. Corporal Exchanged
  15. William Reddick, Co. B, 33d Ohio. Exchanged
  16. Samuel Roberson Co. G, 33d Ohio. Hung
  17. Samuel Slavens, Co. D, 33d Ohio. Hung
  18. Corporal William Pittinger, Co. G, 2d Ohio. Exchanged
  19. George D. Wilson, Co. B, 2d Ohio. Hung
  20. Marion Ross, Co. A, 2d Ohio, Sergeant-Major of the Regiment. Hung
  21. Perry D. Shadrack, Co. K, 2d Ohio. Hung
  22. William. Campbell of Kentucky. Hung

In Pursuit of the Raiders

Crew of The General
  1. William A. Fuller, Conductor
  2. E. Jefferson (Jeff) Cain, Engineer
  3. Anthony Murphy, Foreman of Machinery and Motive Power for the Western and Atlantic Railroad

Crew of The Texas

  1. Peter James Bracken, Engineer
  2. Henry Haney, Fireman
  3. Fleming Cox, Engineer - Mr. Cox was an engineer on the Memphis and Charleston Railroad who relived Haney as fireman.
  4. Alonzo Martin - boarded in Calhoun. Unloaded tender car.

Others involved

  1. Edward R. Henderson - Telegraph operator (messenger), Dalton
  2. Jackson Bond - working at Moon's Station. Continued on with the pursuers to Ringgold.

The Locomotives

  1. The General - Combined passenger-freight train that ran from Atlanta to Chattanooga and back. The train stolen by Andrews' Raiders
  2. The Texas -Freight train that was heading south on the W&ARR. Picked up by Fuller and the pursuers south of Adairsville.
  3. The Yonah - First train picked up by the pursuers at Etowah Station.
  4. William R. Smith - Train on the Rome RR. "Long Bill" Smith was first president of the railroad.
  5. The Catoosa - Often overlooked player in The Great Locomotive Chase, the crew of the Catoosa nearly ended the chase north of Adairsville. After letting the General go by, and seeing the Texas following, they joined the run behind the Texas.
  6. The Etowah - short haul locomotive that took finished iron ore products to the Western and Atlantic depot just north of the Etowah River bridge. It would return with raw materials and goods for sale in the town of Etowah. Taken by the pursuers to follow the General to Kingston.

Names for the raid
  1. The Great Locomotive Chase
  2. Andrews Raid(ers)
  3. Andrews Wild Raid
  4. Railroad Raiders of '62
  5. Mitchel's Raiders (Ormsby Mitchel commanded the men who served as spies.)

The Civil War in Georgia
Beginning with the Great Locomotive Chase and the battle of Chickamauga, to the Atlanta Campaign and the March to the Sea

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