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Chattooga River Maps and FAQ
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Map of Georgia's Chattooga River

Whitewater rafting at its best along Georgia's northeastern border with South Carolina, the Chattooga River offers outdoor enthusiasts challenging outdoor recreation.
  1. Why do I need an outfitter like Southeastern Expeditions?Most people do not have the skill level required to traverse whitewater like the rugged Section IV of the Chattooga River. The river changes quickly, depending on things such as water level. The National Park Service requires specific equipment to make the Section IV run.
  2. Who do you recommend as an outfitter?
    We have witnessed the expertise of Southeastern Expeditions first-hand. For that reason, they are the only outfitters About North Georgia can recommend. These men and women have the equipment, knowledge, and skill level necessary to run the Chattooga River.

  3. When is the best time to go?
    The months of March, April and May offer a unique opportunity to witness the best whitewater. Filled with Spring rains and lightly used, this is truly an exceptional time to visit the Chattooga River.
  4. I am not very athletic. Can I still go?
    That depends. With the help of an outfitter, most people can safely make a trip down the river. Of course, if you have a severe physical limitation, this may make it impossible for you to do Section IV, but Southeastern Expeditions also handles Section III of the Chattooga and the Oconee River as well. Both are significantly easier than Section IV of the Chattooga and still offer some whitewater.
  5. What is a "Wild and Scenic River"
    The designation "Wild and Scenic River" in intended to protect selected natural
    areas from man. The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act was part of Lyndon' Johnson's "Great Society" initiative in the middle to late 1960's (read the act). The original act was amended to include the Chattooga River.

    (10) CHATTOOGA, NORTH CAROLINA, SOUTH CAROLINA, GEORGIA. -- The segment from 0.8 mile below Cashiers Lake in North Carolina
    to Tugaloo Reservoir, and the West Fork Chattooga River from its junction with [the] Chattooga upstream 7.3 miles, as generally depicted on the boundary map entitled, "Proposed Wild and Scenic Chattooga River and Corridor Boundary," dated August 1973; to be administered by the Secretary of Agriculture: Provided, That the Secretary of Agriculture shall take such action as is provided for under subsection (b) of this section within one year from the date of enactment of this paragraph [May 10, 1974]; Provided further, That for the purposes of this river, there are authorized to be appropriated not more than $5,200,000 for the acquisition of lands and interests in lands and not more than $809,000 for development.

    With the designation of "Wild and Scenic," the traces of man were removed. Roads crossing the river were abandoned, their roadbeds destroyed. Access to the river by trail was limited. The land in the watershed was purchased so that the river would maintain its pristine condition. Only one creek along Section IV has a pollution problem, and a solution is in the works.
  6. Is there anything else to do nearby?Plenty. The northeast corner of Georgia is a great place to have fun. Tallulah Gorge State Park offers a great combination of whitewater, hiking, rock-climbing or just sunning yourself on a 63-acre lake. There are more than 20 miles of trails within the park boundaries. Black Rock Mountain State Park is Georgia's highest park. Filled with scenic vistas and great hiking, it is a popular stop for any outdoor enthusiast. Dillard House offers traditional family dining. They are known for hundreds of miles for their food.
  7. Is there good place to stay?For a tradition Bed and Breakfast check out Sylvan Falls Mill Bed and Breakfast. The Johnsons make some unbelievable breakfasts. For a historic setting with a world class restaurant, try Glen-Ella Springs Inn

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County: Rabun County

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