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Carro de Boi
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Brazilian Fire
Restaurant: Carro de Boi
8612 Roswell Rd
Atlanta, GA 30350

Unfortunately, Carro de Boi has closed. This page has been left on-line for historic purposes.

Don't let the Atlanta address fool you, this Brazilian Churrascaria is just south of Roswell, making it an easy drive for anyone in the northern arc of Atlanta, and any drive will be rewarded with what we consider to be the best Brazilian-style cooking in the metro area. This restaurant is simply a great place for those who love a variety of meats, which are skewered, cooked, cut at your table and served hot and juicy. Who could ask for more!

Carro de Boi is truly a dining adventure for those who are unfamiliar with the Brazilian style of cooking. Although there are many ways to cook in Brazil, they traditionally build a central fire and cook the meat on skewers indirectly (the meat is not over the fire, but near it.) This form of cooking keeps meat juicy and prevents overcooking.

First in this adventure in cuisine, however, is the salad buffet. Don't think of an American salad bar, but a mouth-whetting choice of unique foods that you will not find at a typical salad bar. The list is extensive and some are completely foreign to our palettes, but try the pickled squash and onions or the pickled beans and onions for a start. There is also upscale salad (no iceberg lettuce), occasionally shrimp or other meats, cold-cut wrapped cantaloupe, and a wide variety of hot dishes.

As we sat eating our salads we enjoyed watching as the "gauchos" (a Brazilian cowboy) parade a variety of meats to the other tables. Carrying a skewer or two of meat, the server approached each table, gave a brief description of the meat they had, then offering it to the patrons. If it was desired by one (or both), the server cut off a portion of meat, thanked the people and continued on to the next table. Once the outside of the meat had been sliced away, the server returned the skewer to "Brazilian fire," where the now cool outside was once again heated.

When you arrive at the table the hostess explains the system that seems common to Churrascarias, at least in Atlanta. The gauchos know to visit the table based on a card given to each member of the party. Red means no meat, green means your ready for more. As each of us finish our buffet we flip our cards over and the parade of meats begins to visit our table.

An early favorite was a roasted pork loin crusted with Parmesan cheese. What an excellent combination that none of the chefs in the crowd had ever tried. The meat was full of flavor and juicy, not always an easy combination with pork. Red meat abounded. Top and bottom Sirloin, filet mignon, a "House special," -- all kinds of meat, mostly served medium rare to medium, although it is possible to get rare, especially when the skewer had been out for a few tables. Chicken was popular as well, with an entire skewer of drumsticks (the kids loved this) and bacon-wrapped white meat served with or without an abundance of garlic.

At Carro de Boi the servers were courteous and well-spoken, and really make the dining experience enjoyable. Each was able to satisfy the "picky" people in our party, although one member who liked their meat well-done was harder to please.

This was a dining adventure in the truest form of the word, and we recommend the experience to our friends.

Our rating: Excellent
Pros: Lots of meat, served medium rare to medium
Cons: Not for vegetarians
Pricing: Expensive, but less expensive than other Brazilian restaurants in Atlanta

County: Fulton County

Carro de Boi, Atlanta, Georgia


Take Georgia 400 to the Northridge exit. Head west on Northridge Rd. to Roswell Rd., then turn right. Carro de Boi is on the left.

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