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Calico Cow Creamery
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The Calico Cow has closed. This page is on-line for historic purposes only.

A New Cobb County Tradition
Restaurant: Calico Cow Creamery and Café
Shallowford Road,
Roswell, Georgia 30075

tra·di·tion The passing down of elements of a culture from generation to generation.

In creating a new tradition Kelly and Rodger Rodgers have brought to life one of our favorite places, whether its a stop after a meal at any one of a number of fine restaurants in the North Fulton/East Cobb area or for their own scrumptious light lunch topped off with our choice of ice cream (or other dessert.)

Rodger, it seems, had spent a good deal of time working in the corporate world and they wanted to go out on their own. When he and Kelly began to look at business ideas they didn't have to look far. Kelly's family had a successful dairy, Blackerby, in Brunswick, Georgia before the start of the First World War! Out of the dairy grew Creamland, her family's first ice cream store. It was from Creamland that Kelly and Rodger drew their inspiration and hence our title to the review - a new tradition.

The Rodgers hand-pick each ingredient that goes into their ice cream and carefully control the production process to ensure the ice cream is both fresh and flavorful. They use recipes that bring to mind a by-gone era of rich and satisfying flavor - many of them are based on flavors handed down through Kelly's family.

Each batch of ice cream at the Calico Cow Creamery is handmade. Kelly and Rodger go to great lengths to ensure an excellent, full-body flavor in their ice cream. For example, both the traditional favorites chocolate and vanilla are rich and retain their flavor as they melt in your mouth. While you might like to stick with vanilla or chocolate, its easy to be tempted to one of their other fine flavors. Toasted Coconut was loaded with coconut and is a very popular flavor according to Rodger. Mandarin Chocolate offers a blend of orange flavor (and chucks) with rich dark chocolate.

The creamery offers three varieties of coffee ice cream, including one made with Splenda for those who like No Sugar Added treats. One of our favorite No Sugar Added has to be "Goody Bag," a blend of candy and ice cream that keeps us coming back for more. Got kids? Kelly and Rodger have a number of flavors designed with kids in mind, from cotton candy and Nerds candy in "Nerdy and Nice" to "Haley’s Zoo," a menagerie of chocolate covered animal crackers named for the Rodgers' daughter.

While the main attraction to Calico Cow Creamery is the ice cream, Rodger and Kelly also feature other desserts like cake and pie in a showcase at the end of the counter. And if you're looking for a light lunch, the Rodgers have recently added a menu of soups, sandwiches, and other traditional American dishes like pot pie and salad. Lunch is served daily between 11am and 2:30pm.

Our rating: Excellent
Pros: Homemade, flavorful ice cream with plenty of choice. Cons: Somewhat hard to find.
Pricing: Moderate

Calico Cow, Roswell, Georgia


Take Georgia 400 to Northridge. Turn right on Northridge and continue to old Roswell. Turn left on Magnolia and follow it (name changes to Pine Grove and then Shallowford Road). Just past Childers Road, Calico Cow Creamery is on the right. If you know Cobb County, take Johnson Ferry Road to the northern end, turn right on Shallowford and make a left into the Publix Shopping Center. Calico Cow Creamery is a standalone building at the corner of Childers and Shallowford Road.

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