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Booth Western Art Museum
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Booth Western Art Museum
Name: Booth Western Art Museum
Location:501 Museum Drive
Cartersville, Georgia, 30120
Bartow County
The folks at the Cartersville-Bartow County Convention and Visitors Bureau are probably very happy that this World-Class Western Art Museum chose their city as its home. With room after room of western art and artifacts, presented in intriguing ways, the Booth Museum is one of our top-ten attractions in north Georgia, and a must-see for anybody who enjoys the Old West or The Western Channel.

Ken Maynard poster behind a vintage stagecoach at the Booth Western Art Museum
Even from the outside, The Booth Western Art Museum itself is a work of art. Centrally located in the revitalized Cartersville downtown area the museum has two massive sculptures on either side. Both art and artifacts quickly greet the visitor as they enter - a mammoth Ken Maynard poster behind a vintage stagecoach body!

The bulk of the collection is on the second floor, an easy climb up a staircase, or take the elevator up a floor for a stunning ride. The clear glass sides allow a great view of the museum, and a view of the internals of an elevator for the kids.

What makes an art museum great? Well, of course, great artwork is a start. The Booth Western Art Museum strives to "educate, entertain, and inspire." The artwork is certainly emotional, whether its a cowboy checking to see who is riding behind them, or a lifelike bull staring you in the face as you exit the elevator, the museum is definitely achieving its mission.

Life-like bull at the Booth Museum
The Booth Museum is presented in themed rooms, with a variety of styles within each theme. One of the unique themes was simply titled "Faces," portraits and sculpture of the people of the West, from American Indians to cowboys and women. Another gallery of "First Peoples" describes the diverse nature of the Native Americans who inhabited the land and the changing views of the artists who painted them. The earliest painters posed their Native American subjects in a European ("Noble Savage") style, which evolved simply into a "savage, unyielding style." Later painters evolved yet again, adopting a style that presented American Indians in natural surroundings, using traditional methods

Hall of Presidents
An intriguing gallery is title "Cowboys and Presidents," and begins in front of a huge painting of Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders. Within this section is "The American Presidents" which features a letter, photograph or painting, and a brief history of each of the 44 men who have served in the highest American political office. The Mythical West shows portraits of the men who played cowboys (and Indians) in the movies. A surreal painting of the Lone Ranger and Tonto vividly greets guest to this gallery, and most all the heroes of the Silver Screen have made their way into this room, from Hoot Gibson to John Wayne.

One of the most exciting rooms to visit is the "War Is Hell" gallery, a collection of popular, contemporary Civil War art featuring the most famous artists of the genre, Don Troiani and Mort Kunstler. Among the artwork in the gallery is Troiani's locally popular "Battle of Allatoona Pass", which was fought just a few miles from the site of the museum. Please note, these are the original paintings and not the numbered prints that are sold over the counter.

In addition to the displayed artwork, the Booth Western Art Museum has a gift shop, café, and a library for research (call ahead to schedule time in the library). From time to time artists whose works are display visit the museum to discuss individual works.

Cost:$$ (Moderate)

County: Bartow County

Booth Western Art Museum


Take I-75 to exit 288, Cartersville Main St. At the end of the ramp turn left if you were headed north, right if you were headed south and travel 2.3 miles to downtown Cartersville. Turn right at Booth sign and continue under the bridge to the museum. There is plenty of parking just past the museum building.

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