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Alexander Stephens State Park
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Statue of Alexander Stephens
Alexander Hamilton Stephens at Liberty Hall, Crawfordville, Georgia
The Estate of Alexander Hamilton Stephens has been preserved by the state of Georgia to ensure the lasting legacy of one of Georgia's most popular politicians of his day. A U. S. Representative, Senator and state governor, Stephens also played a major role in defining the Confederate States of America and acted as its president for a few days while Jefferson Davis traveled from his home near Vicksburg to Montgomery, Alabama after he had been elected provisional President. Within the Georgia State Park are two lakes, camping, 3 miles of hiking trails, a horseback trail, fishing, and a swimming pool.

About Alexander Hamilton Stephens

From 1840 until 1865 no Georgia played a more pivotal role in national politics that "Little Aleck" Stephens. While most people recognize the role Stephen Douglas played in passing the Compromise of 1850 few realize that Stephens played an equally important role in pushing the Compromise through the House. When Douglas created the Kansas-Nebraska Act it was Stephens who schemed to get the bill through the House of Representatives. Stephens also played a key role in creating the Confederate States of America, in the make-up of the Constitution and the states that joined. He served as President of the Confederation for a week as Jefferson Davis rode from his Mississippi home to Montgomery. Finally, in 1865 he attempted to negotiate a peaceful end to the Civil War as the country was collapsing around him.

Alexander Stephens patent medicine bottles
Alexander Stephens used patent medicines for most of his life
Liberty House, the name Alexander Stephens gave his home, was built in 1872-73 and replaced an earlier structure, which was also Stephens home. On the first floor is Stephens own bedroom, complete with a wheelchair. Stephens was chronically ill for most of his adult life, rarely weighing more than 95 pounds. A side table near the bed held bottles containing patent medicines common in the day.

Also on the front was a men's sitting room, while the ladies sitting room occupied the rear of the first floor. During his lifetime many famous people visited him at the home including Robert Toombs, and Howell and Thomas Cobb. Toombs, from nearby Washington, Georgia, had a bedroom on the second floor. According to our docent, if someone was sleeping in the room they would have to leave if Toombs showed up. Stephens had a similar room in Toombs' house.

A kitchen stands nearby, separated from the house so that the stove won't warm the home in summer and to prevent the possibility of fire. Also nearby is a cabin for his house slave. One of the largest such cabins in existance, Stephens so liked this female slave that when she fell in love with another slave, he purchased that slave from his owner.

Adjacent to the home is a small museum and gift shop. Within the 1700 acre park north of Liberty Hall is Stephens birthplace, although it is unmarked, plus the expansive state park, a great stop for travellers on I-20

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A.H. Stephens Historic Park
456 Alexander St N
Crawfordville , GA 30631
Park Office-(706) 456-2602

County: Taliaferro County

A.H. Stephens Historic Park


Take I-20 west from Atlanta to Exit 148, State Road 22 (locally known as Sparta Road). Turn left at the stop sign, then turn right at U. S. 278. In Crawfordville, watch for the courthouse on your left and turn left on the first road past the courthouse - Monument St. As you descend to cross under a railroad bridge, look straight ahead and see a statue of Stephens and Liberty Hall, his house, behind him. In front of the monument turn left, then the next right (Stevens Street, which is the way the state park recommends).

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